Pep Guardiola Sets New Ground Rules For City Players

Pep Guardiola has told his stars to stop eating out with their partners after football matches, in order to promote team harmony.


The former Bayern Munich manager wants his squad to eat together at least an hour after matches, rather than have dinner with their partners away from the ground, according to ​the Sun.

The report also claims, the Spaniard will cut down on the City squad eating pizza in the dressing room at the Etihad, which apparently was common practice under former manager Manuel Pellegrini.

But a source at the club says, that might not go down well with some big stars.

“That won’t go down too well with some of them. They usually eat pizza in the dressing room”, the source said.

Whether the stars like it or not, Sun reports, the Spaniard is keen on the changes, which he also implemented during his time in Germany and Spain and will bring his own dietitian and nutrition expert to monitor his players.

Not done, Guardiola plans to increase the intensity of training sessions before they travel for pre-season.

Will the players adjust or revolt against his new rules? Only time will tell.


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