Nigerians Troll President Buhari For Rocking $500 Gucci Shoes

A photo of President Muhammadu Buhari appeared online yesterday in which he was seen wearing Gucci shoes which according to some Twitter users cost nothing less than N223,000.

Some angry Nigerians on the platform expressed their disapproval saying the President is too extravagant. However, some others came to his defense saying the president could very well wear whatever pleased him.

According to this Twitter user by the name Miz Cazorla, that Buhari wearing shoes worth over N200k writes off the impression that the President was the humble man, the APC told us he was before he won elections.

And this user believes that Mr President is being extravagant

These ones believe the president could very well afford those pair of shoes and someone went on to drag former president Jonathan into the matter saying that GEJ was even more extravagant.


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