Migrant Hacked To Death In France


A migrant was hacked to death during a gang fight between refugees in France seeking asylum in Britain.

The incident happened early hours of Tuesday at the Calais Jungle camp as Police confirmed an investigation has been opened into the bloodbath that involved about 200 African and Afghan migrants in the giant shantytown.

6 people were badly injured during the fight while a 37 year-old Ethiopian man was stabbed to death.

He is the eighth migrant to be killed in the Jungle this year, police said.

A Calais Police spokesman, said: ”Two fights broke out close to the camp between African migrants and Afghans between 2am and 4am.

”Knives and batons were being used, causing one death and leaving six other Ethiopians seriously hurt.”

The murder victim was rushed to hospital by an activist with the No Borders protest group,” the spokesman added.

He said: “The Ethiopian died from the wounds.

Riot police immediately sealed off the scene and launched a murder enquiry. They also examined roadside CCTV footage.





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