Ladies: Here Is What Happens If You Use a Menstrual Pad For 8 Hours

Leaving a tampon in for days puts you at risk for getting toxic shock syndrome (TSS), an infection, similar to a staph infection, caused by the absorbent material found in sanitary products. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are two ways super-absorbent tampons cause TSS: When they are left in place for a long time, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Additionally, the absorbent fibers can scratch the surface of the vagina, making it possible for bacteria or their toxins to enter the bloodstream.

This can result in fever, drop in blood pressure, fluffing of the skin on the hands and feet, and, yes, even death. So, ladies, apart from the above claims, you dont want to smell and ooze, therefore be hygienic and keep it clean. Remember, the maximum time to keep a menstrual pad or tampon in your panties is maximum of 8 hours.