French President Cuts His Hair At $10,000 A Month!


Politics is a game of many paradoxes and it gets no better than this. 61 year old French President, Francois Hollande whose campaign promise before coming to power was to lead like a ‘normal’ president has been discovered to maintain a hairdresser that has cost taxpayers about $10,000 per month since 2012.

To put the extravagant cost in perspective, Hollande pays his personal hairstylist just as much as a French minister earns monthly! The hairdresser has been identified as Olivier Benhamou and he is certainly earning princely wages!

If he finds the expense normal, most taxpayers certainly do not! It has sparked a twitter hashtag #CoiffeurGate for a man who has become increasingly unpopular over the years.

Perhaps an all time low for Hollande was the stringent opposition to proposed labour reforms just over a month ago.


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