Dead Man Wakes Up At His Funeral

A 23-year-old Indian man, Sandeep, got bitten by a snake when he went to collect wood from the forest on 24th July.

He told his family about the snake bite when he returned to the village.

He was then taken to a traditional tantric practitioner in a nearby village and was assumed dead when the tantric’s treatment proved ineffective.

Sandeep’s body

As some people in India claim that people who die of snake bites should be buried instead of having their body burnt, the villagers were unsure what to do with Sandeep.

In the end it was decided that his body was to be taken to the local cemetery where a funeral pyre was prepared.

When the fire was close to his body, he started shouting and people realized he was still alive.

Sandeep was again taken to the same tantric practitioner but he could not be saved, and the tantric declared Sandeep dead for the second time.

He was taken to the district hospital where a post mortem examination took place.


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