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Frequently Asked Questions on C-PROTECT Anti- glass break Solution and their answers.

What is C-Protect?

C-Protect is Concept Nova’s unique solution to prevent accidents and incidents that may result from glass break or shattering. It is made up of a tough transparent adhesive film and an alarm system.

Is C-Protect’s film bulletproof?

No, not this version.

Where can I get C-Protect?

C-Protect can be gotten from our online shop, our office or from any of our distributors nationwide.

Is C-Protect self-installable?

Yes, with simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tools and the manual, you or a tint installer can install C-Protect film on your car.

Does my windscreen need C-Protect?

Gratefully, no!  Windscreens are made to be tamper-proof and thus, do not need C-Protect.    

Is C-Protect for cars alone?

Of course not! C-Protect film can be used on any glass. As a matter of fact, we recommend C-Protect film to be used on accident-prone glasses like windows, doors and partitions.

How long do I need to leave C-Protect to cure?

Curing time for C-Protect film is at least 3 weeks. The longer the time the more adhesive it is to the glass and the more difficult it is to break or shatter.

How is C-Protect’s film installed?

Like tinting films! See a video sample HERE

Do C-Protect films come in tinted versions?

Not yet. We know you want it and we are working to meet that demand.

Can I be a distributor?

Yes you can. You are welcome to be our broker or franchise partner. So you can earn while you refer or earn while you share.

For more information, visit www.concept-nova/CPROTECT , send a mail to info@concept-nova.com  or call 08150880054



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