6 Signs He Likes You More Than You Like Him


Want to know if he loves you more? INFORMATION NIGERIA hereby gives you 6 reasons we think he likes you way more than you like him. Read on!

1. He Texts You Nonstop
Waking up to a “good morning, beautiful” text message is sure to bring a smile to your face and give you an extra bounce in your step as you commute to work, and this guy sure knows it, so he keep the messages coming

2. He Wants You to Meet His Family…
if he tells you after some months of dating that he wants to meet your family, he is sure into you.

3.  He Surprises you and likes to Take You Out
The thought of it is very romantic, if he can identify with you in the public, he likes you

4. He always say sorry
whether he is right or wrong in an argument, he doesnt hesitate to say sorry. He likes it when you two are at peace.

5. He Says “I Love You” more often than you

6. He knows your love language
And he acts accordingly


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