4 Things That Would Happen When You Reduce Your Sugar Consumption

A lot of Nigerians have become so used to consuming sugar excessively that it becomes almost impossible to advise them to take it down a notch. INFORMATION NIGERIA however brings you 4 reasons why you should.

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1.You don’t have to worry about not having N100 to buy your favourite soda

So, instead of looking really depressed and dejected when you don’t have a free N100 to buy yourself that cold bottle of your best soda, you’ll just make do with the pure water you have at home or better still save that N100 for something better.

2.You would not have to worry about diseases

Excess sugar consumption has been associated with many diseases like obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Besides, the Nigerian economy is so bad now that a lot of Nigerians can’t even afford two square meals talk much of 3. Adding doctors bill to it because you took too much sugar is something we don’t want you to do to yourself.

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3.Sugar addiction should bother you

Experts have said that sugar, due to its powerful effects on the reward system in the brain, can lead to classic signs of addiction. Before your case becomes an addiction, it would be better for you to stop yourself now.

4.You’ll eat real food

When you make up your mind to reduce your sugar consumption it will help you focus of eating nutritious things like boli and groundnut for lunch rather than soda and highly sweetened cookies or biscuits.






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