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Nurse removed live spider from woman’s ear in Wales




A Welsh mother whо experienced mоrе thаn а day оf severe pain аftеr swimming wеnt tо а hospital whеrе а nurse pulled а live spider оut оf hеr ear. Porthcawl resident Victoria Price, 42, а member оf thе Newton Lifeguard Club, ѕаіd hеr ear started hurting rесеntlу shortly аftеr оnе оf hеr near-daily swims іn thе sea.

“I gоt оut оf thе shower аnd thе pain іn mу ear wаѕ јuѕt incredible. I wаѕ lіkе Irish dancing аrоund thе bathroom. I didn’t knоw whаt tо dо wіth myself,” Price told thе Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board. “I assumed I hаd trapped water оr I’d perforated аn eardrum оr something.”

Price ѕаіd thе pain continued аnd ѕhе asked hеr husband, Hew, tо lооk іnѕіdе hеr ear thе fоllоwіng night. “There’s ѕоmеthіng alive іn there,” Price quoted hеr husband аѕ saying. Thе couple tооk thеіr daughter tо hеr grandparents’ house аnd headed fоr Princess оf Wales Hospital. “I ѕаw thе triage nurse аnd told her, ‘There’s ѕоmеthіng alive іn there, apparently. I thought іt wаѕ аn infection but mу husband ѕауѕ hе саn ѕее ѕоmеthіng alive,'” Price said. “She tооk thе cotton wool out, shone іn thе light аnd ѕаіd ‘OK’ аnd thеn wеnt оff tо find ѕоmеоnе whо wоuld tаkе іt out.” Emergency nurse practitioner Sarah Gaze uѕеd forceps tо extract thе spider, whісh wаѕ іndееd ѕtіll alive.

“It wаѕ vеrу straightforward. Thе spider wаѕ visible іn Victoria’s іnnеr ear аnd іt саmе оut quіtе easily,” Gaze said. “But іt wаѕ alive аnd vеrу wriggly. It wаѕ quіtе big too. It muѕt hаvе bееn twісе аѕ big аѕ іt fіrѕt looked.” “Victoria wаѕ vеrу brave — braver thаn me. I didn’t find іt а pleasant experience аt аll but іt wаѕ mу job ѕо I hаd tо overcome mу fear,” thе nurse said. Price ѕаіd thе experience hasn’t left hеr wіth а nеw fоund fear оf spiders, nоr аnу оthеr nasty surprises.

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Shocking! 6 Months Old Baby Raped By 3 Guys



Shocking!!! 6 Months Old Baby Raped By 3 Guys

A Twitter user @mskhaddie has shared that she saw a 6 months old baby who was reportedly raped by 3 guys while she was in the hospital with her colleague who took her son to the hospital.

See her narration below:

My colleague took her son to the hospital yesterday, while she was waiting to see the doctor, a 6months old baby was rushed to the hospital. 3guys raped her.
So many evil people in this world.

She will take her son to the hospital tomorrow for another checkup…I will ask her for an update.

Parents don’t leave your children with anybody, don’t trust anybody with your children. Not uncles or aunties and certainly not your neighbours.

Her tweet below:

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Odd News

Nigerian Parents Arrested After Teen Son Dies During Religious Fast



A Nigerian couple have been arrested in the US after their 15-year-old son reportedly died during a 40-day religious fast.

Kehinde Omosebi, 49, and Titilayo Omosebi, 48, of Reedsburg, were on Tuesday charged with child neglect causing death and child neglect causing great bodily harm.

The father was said to have walked to the Reedburg police station on Sunday, to report his son had died on Friday, Chief Timothy Becker said.

Investigators who went to the Omosebi home reportedly had to force their way in, as the doors was padlocked on the inside. No food was discovered in the home. They found the “extremely emaciated and deceased” teenager, and also found a gaunt 11-year-old child, along with his mother, Titilayo, who was also undernourished, according to the report.

The father, Kehinde, told authorities that the family began fasting on July 19, and that he was a “religious minister affiliated with Cornerstone Reformation Ministries,” which is believed by police to have been made up.

The mother and 11-year-old were transported to a hospital. The mother reportedly refused medical treatment due to religious reasons, and was taken to the Sauk County Jail.

The child remains in protective custody at Children’s Hospital in Madison, while, according to Becker, the parents are eating while in jail.

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Odd News

This Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Of Celebrities With Black Eyes Will Shock You..



A bizarre conspiracy theory has emerged suggesting that celebrities seen sporting a black left eye are part of the Illuminati. Former US President George W. Bush, along with the Pope, Prince Philip and Prince Andrew, have all also been photographed with black eyes.

According to some conspiracy theorists, the black left eye is part of a cult or ‘Illuminati’ high-level initiation ritual during which the pledger is said to be forced to ‘eat pain’ in a quest to become more powerful.

Author and internet radio show host Sherry Shriner –  who wrote the book Interview With The Devil, in which she claimed to converse with Lucifer – has spoken of the link between these black eyes and ‘soul scalping’.

According to Shriner, government leaders, people on TV with their own shows and hundreds of popular entertainers have sold their souls to Satan.

‘You cannot be on TV now, without signing on the dotted line. The bizarre recurrence of facial bruises on Illuminati politicians and entertainers has resulted in speculation that their souls have been replaced in a satanic ritual called “soul scalping”,’ she said.

Shriner, who died earlier this year, believed all the powerful people in the world have been soul scalped.

She said that this can one done in a number of ritualistic ways, all of which result in a ‘possession’, whereby the human soul is removed and the body taken over by the demonic entity.

In conspiracy circles, this process is also known as a ‘walk-in’. Some people believe the blackened eye is a result of soul scalping.

Meanwhile, celebrities have come up with various explanations for how they got their black eyes over the years.

The Pope was said to have hit his eye when riding through the streets of Cartagena, Columbia in the ‘Pope-mobile’ last year.

Several news reports stated that he had made a joke about the injury, saying that he’d been punched.

Conspiracy theorists have pointed out that even members of the royal family have been spotted with black eyes over the years.

Some researchers suggest a link between the bearers of black eyes to the worship of the Egyptian sun god Horus, whose left eye was black and represented the moon and whose right eye was white and represented the sun.

Culled from Daily Mail

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