NSCDC discovers Boko Haram`spiritual book`used to hypnotise victims

Boko Haram

The Commandant of the NSCDC in borno has stated that his men have discovered a “spiritual book“ being used by Boko haram to hypnotise their victims. INFORMATION NIGERIA bring to you in this light what he said about the book.

He said that the book, written in Arabic, was discovered during an operation by men of the command at an abandoned house in Dikwa Local Government Area of borno state.

He also sad that many innocent souls had been dragged into submitting to Boko Haram through spiritual indoctrination.

He equally said that the book is called “Guduma` by the insurgents..

He said that  insurgents use the book  as a powerful charm to indoctrinate followers into submitting to the dictates of leaders of the sect.

He said they also use the book to deceive members of the sect that the can become invisible and invincible with the aid of the book.

He also said that they believe the book offers protection against bullet shots and bombs.

This book he said is being used to deceive suicide bombers and fighters.


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