Men Caught Stealing Underground Cables In Abuja


Below is an eyewitness report of what transpired.

Wonders they say shall never end. Some men were caught this afternoon along stadium road in Abuja already dug out and stealing the street light cables buried in the ground,unfortunately luck ran out from them when the attention of passersby challenged them and a detachment of mobile police were quick to response to calls place to them to apprehend the criminals.

Despite the government trying all it can to provide infrastructures and social amenities in the country, some men of the underworld are hell bent on sabotaging the effort of the government by targeting this infrastructures, similar cases has been reported in lagos recently.

Everyday for the thief and one day for the owner!!!

Below are the shots i took from the scene as policemen prevented me from taken the shot of d culprits face. Let be watchful of our environment.

See photos from the incident below.

Source: Nairaland


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