If He Does These 9 Things, He Will Absolutely Break Your Heart


While there’s no way of knowing how the relationship will go, there are definite massive huge impressive red flags that wave if you are headed for heartbreak. It can be hard to see them (however HUGE they might be) when you’re dating someone new and in that first flush. Read this list and you’ll soon know what to watch for to keep unnecessary heartbreak down at heel.

1. He won’t call you girlfriend

If he won’t call you girlfriend, you aren’t his girlfriend, and you never will be. It’s just that simple. You want in and he’s all “OH GOD LET ME OUT.”

2. He won’t meet your family
You know why he won’t meet your family? He knows he ain’t in it to win it, he doesn’t want to put himself or you through that.

3. He won’t make plans

You’re the plan maker. Always. And even when you say “let’s hangout on Saturday”, you might not hear from him until say 10:30 that evening. Why? Because you aren’t a priority in his life.

4. He tells you he’s not ready for a relationship

If a guy tells you he isn’t ready for a relationship BELIEVE HIM! If a guy tells you he’s bad news, BELIEVE HIM! In fact, if a dude is quick to tell you all of his failings as boyfriend material, BELIEVE HIM. You’re literally hearing it from the emotionally unavailable horse’s mouth.

5. He’s still in touch with his exes

There’s the guy who is still polite to his exes, and there’s the guy who would run and jump right back into her panties should she snap her ludcirously manicured fingers. Use your best discretion.

6. He’s a fantasist

He might not call you his girlfriend, but it’s April and he’s talking about what you’ll do for Christmas. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY HIS WEB OF LIES. He is trying to throw you off the scent so that you will keep doing him.

7. He hides his phone

I mean yes, that is a clear red flag. I’d also add, he’s on his phone all the time. You know what will be there no matter how he treats it? Twitter. You are better than twitter.

8. He’s hard to talk to

convo with him is boring and espevi tough. Ditch him…..durrh!

9. He’s still dating someone else
You should not be an option….. let him go!


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