Corporal Punishment Barbaric, Not Effective ‘ Principal

The Principal, Mabest Academy, Akure, Ondo State, Mr. John Ajanaku, has called on school administrators and parents to shelve corporal punishment and explore other means of instilling discipline in their pupils.


Ajanaku, who said the school environment should offer opportunities to teach values rather than inflict injury on the pupils, added that teachers should be well motivated in order to add value to the society.

The academic, in a recent interview with our correspondent, said,

“There are 10 ways to instil discipline in pupils and they include scolding, isolation, communal service and others. Discipline should not be about inflicting injuries. When pupils are instructed to wash dishes, it makes them to understand their responsibility to the society. It is dangerous and barbaric to engage in corporal punishment. We do not allow that in our school. Sometimes, teachers respond to misconduct in anger and that is why we outlawed it here. But, we have been lucky to have well-behaved pupils.’’

Ajanaku also urged proprietors to invest in their teachers, adding that they contribute greatly to the quality of their pupils.

He said, “Teachers are the backbone of the school community and the importance of quality teaching cannot be overemphasised. That was why we have been very particular about our teachers. More than 80 per cent of our teachers have Master’s degrees. Our teachers are on the civil service scale. We motivate them via promotion just as they have contributory pension scheme.”

Source: Punch


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