9 Signs She Is A Keeper

Men, you are in a relationship– it feels good, the girl is adorable and she makes you happy. She holds your hand, she posts pictures on social media qwith you, she sings in the car with you and she is fun to be around. Every time you are with her you have a good time, your relationship is great.OK it’s great, but how do you know she is the type of girl you want to stick around? How do you know she’s a keeper?

A few sure signs your girl is a stand out, and one you should keep around include:

1. She is gracious

If your girl is thrown into an uncanny situation and can handle the punches and blind sides thrown at her with complete grace, she is a keeper. Gracious girls take any situation and find the most elegant and finesse way to create a solution. She is a natural at taking the initiative and a well-liked leader.

2. Vocalizes her appreciation

If a young gentleman takes the time to plan and execute a well thought out date, a girl should vocalize her appreciation. Saying thank you or adamantly acknowledging what a great time you had on a date is a courtesy that is attractive and well sought after.

3. Winks at you across the room

There is nothing more attractive than a girl who is willing to throw herself out on a limb and openly express her interest with a sly wink. A wink tells more than you might think. To wink means she had to be checking you out and she obviously liked what she saw, because she indiscreetly sent you an “I’m into you,” signal. If she can make moves, then she is a keeper.

4. She does not control your schedule

You control your life. You are the one who sets time aside to call your friends, go to school, go to work, go to the gym and you set the time to spend with your girl. You have a well-functioning system that works well for you, and if she respects your decisions and schedule… watch out she’s a rare breed.

5. She is confident in her body

Nothing is more attractive than a girl who is confident in herself. A girl who knows her worth and is not willing to sell herself short regardless of circumstance has confidence. She will go swimming, eat a burger and will go to the gym with you. She will live her life the way she wants, and nothing will stop her from being herself.

6. She does not micromanage

A girl can only control so many things, despite their desire to run the entire world. If your girl lets you go swimming without forcing you every hour to reapply your sunscreen or tells you how to separate your whites from your darks in the laundry… she is a keeper. She cares about the small details in your life, but she knows you are a big boy and can take care of yourself. So what if your white shirt turns red, count it as a lesson learned.

7. She tells you what she wants

Being straightforward these days is rare. Oftentimes people are searching to appease everyone in the room… and we all know that is not possible! If your girl wants to go to a certain restaurant for dinner she is going to tell you, and if she wants to go to a movie instead of bowling she will make it happen. She is an instigator not a passive tag-along.

8. She finds the middle ground

She is a keeper if she can pinpoint certain people that you hold dear and find a way to find common ground with them. She puts up with the annoying friend who is always trying to hang out with you guys on the weekend, she is able to get along with the mean cousin at your family reunion and she even participates in activities with you that she hates because she knows you love it. She is able to put aside small differences of opinion and work for a common ground. This is a rare thing to find.

9. She respects your space

Regardless of the circumstance you are in, she understands you have to do you. If you need a night to catch up with your thoughts, that is great. She gives you space after you fight to cool down. She gives you freedom to be honest and vocal on things that bother you. She values your opinion and knows you will make the best decision you possibly can for the both of them. This value of independence and spatial boundaries is a highly sought after factor.


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