8 Signs That Prove You’re Meant To Be

You’re pretty sure you’ve finally found that right person for you. But how can you tell for sure?
Read up on these factors that strongly influence whether or not you and your BAE are meant to go the distance.

1. You’re Both Positive

Sure, this one might not come as a surprise, but studies show that a positive outlook and a few genuinely exchanged smiles a day can go a long way in keeping a relationship stable.

2. You Keep Texting to a Meaningful Minimum

Texting is precarious for a lot of people in relationships because it’s hard to flesh out our genuine expressions.When one person is less interactive, the expectation is not matched by the reality for the other, and this can lead to disappointment and a feeling of disconnection.
Bottom line? Hold the phone—literally.

3. You Limit Social Media Use

You love checking your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds—and, chances are, it’s probably also how you read your news. But over-scrolling on social media may be one of the most toxic things you can do for your relationship.

4. You Cuddle

Cuddling and tenderness help maintain the physical connection and intimacy shared between couples—WITHOUT having sex, therefore leading to a happier relationship overall.”

5. You Actually Fight Instead of Holding Back Your Feelings

While you might get down and out about the latest tiff you had with your boo, it is one of the all-important glue that winds up keeping your relationship together.

6. You’re Similar

You know the old saying, “opposites attract”? Well, if you happen to have a lot in common with your partner, it may be a better recipe for attraction.

7. Your Spending Habits Differ
if the two of you have stark differences in the way in which you prefer to spend—a.k.a. one of you is a spendthrift and the other is a tightwad (yes, that’s an actual term)—you just might be perfect for each other.

8. You Laugh at the Same Jokes

If you and your sweetie both know how to appreciate a raunchy comedy routine, or both equally detest it, you’re a match made in heaven.


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