5 Vital Tips For This Rainy Season

As the rainy season kicks off in most parts of Nigeria, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 5 vital health tips to help you stay healthy this season

1. Wash your hands; This is season is where bacteria and viruses breed the most.  As such, you can come into contact with them just by crossing the road or holding on to an infected bus or pedestrian bridge railing . So, wash your hands as frequently as you can with soap and warm water.

2.Keep your hands off your face; The flu virus commonly enters our body through the eyes, nose and mouth and a lot of us just subconsciously enjoy rubbing our eyes or wiping our foreheads but if you must, please use a clean napkin or handkerchief instead.

3. Protect yourself from dirty water; An average Nigerian street or road in a typical rainy season experiences clogged gutters and dirty puddles and these are the easiest sources of malaria causing mosquitoes andwater-borne diseases like diarrhea, influenza, cholera and fungal skin infections. Therefore, cover up  to protect yourself from these diseases. Get a jacket and a good pair of rain boots. Better to be safe than sorry.

4.Stay off street food; We all love our roadside akara, fries and suya but during the rainy season, food cooked and sold in the open air are likely to come in contact with airborne and waterborne diseases and bacteria. Better to eat fresh, home-cooked meals.

5.Equip yourself with Vitamin C – Up your Vitamin C intake either in natural form or as food supplement. This will help you drive away the cold virus faster, as a healthy supply of this vitamin will activate your antibodies and reduce the severity of cold.


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