4 Signs That Your Crush Will Break Your Heart

Dating can feel like you are walking through a minefield — you never know who is going to work and who is going to break your heart. Take a look at these signs before it’s too late:

1. He asks for your number, but never calls

Keep in mind that sometimes guys ask for your number without ever having the intention of calling — it’s totally normal. But those (obviously) aren’t the type of guys that you want to spend your time with.

2. He just wants to play cat and mouse games

Some men just LOVE the thrill of the chase. It’ll involve a ton of chemistry, but he’ll avoid getting too attached. Guys like this like to play the field and they love the game — they aren’t looking for a committed relationship.

3. He acts like your boyfriend, but he never commits

The most hurtful of them all, and probably the most frustrating, is the guy who acts like your boyfriend and never commits. In hindsight, thank goodness he didn’t! These guys are commitment-phobic.

4. He says he doesn’t believe in marriage

When man tells you he doesn’t believe in marriage when you WANT to be married it’s a very important decision-point for you. There are only two reasons why he will say this; either he genuinely DOESN’T believe in marriage or he doesn’t want to marryyou. Either way, you’re not going to get what you want. Instead of sticking around, cut your losses and go find what you do want. Yes it’s scary, but it’s worth it.

What really makes you hurt is not the guy’s actions — they aren’t necessarily out to get you — but it hurts so much because you sacrificed a part of yourself and your ideals for him. It’s important that you don’t deny yourself and that you remain true to yourself. So if you’re dating a man right now and it’s not feeling right or you feel like he’s going to hurt you in the long run, maybe try taking a look at how you both line up.


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