4 Fast Tips To Prevent Catching A Cold In This Season


If you feel constantly surrounded by a chorus of coughs and sneezes — at work, at the grocery store, or even at home — you’re not alone. Here are five things you can do to avoid catching a cold especially in this weather.

1. Wash your hands. Do so often, especially after using the bathroom or touching inanimate objects, like bathroom faucets and door handles, in public places. Also, try to stop touching your face. It allows germs easily access into the body.

2. Go to bed early. You need plenty of sleep to keep your immune system in tip-top shape this time of year.

3. Eat healthy food with plenty of vitamins. This will also keep your immune system going strong. So make an effort to fill your plate with vegetables at lunch and dinner, and snack on fruit throughout the day.

4. Exercise. do your best to stay moving during the cooler months. Regular exercise is another immune-system booster, which can prevent cold bugs you do catch from making you sick.


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