Why Buhari Failed To Reveal Details Of Looted Asset Recovered From Corrupt Officials On Democracy Day – Lai Mohammed

060116F-Lai-MohammedThe Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has defended President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision not to release details of looted asset recovered from corrupt former office holders.
Our correspondent reported on Sunday that Buhari disappointed many Nigerians due to his failure to disclose details of looters and recovered assets in his Democracy Day nationwide broadcast yesterday.
The disappointment, the report said, stems from the promise the president made on May 14 in London, on the sidelines of the Anti-Corruption Summit hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron that he would “make a comprehensive report” available to Nigerians on May 29 (yesterday).
But during his nation-wide address on Sunday morning, President Buhari failed to make the details public, instead, passing the responsibility to the Information Ministry, which he said would soon release relevant details.
Justifying the president’s failure to keep to his promise on Sunday evening hours after the Democracy Day broadcast, Mr. Mohammed cited “legal reasons”.
“Yes, he initially said so (that he’ll give specific details about recovered loot), but he was advised against doing so for legal reasons”, the minister was quoted as saying during an interview on Channels Television.
He also said the president has the right to reverse himself in apparent reference to the condemnation of Mr. Buhari’s reneged promise.
“Of course, he has a right to reverse himself on that”, he said.
Mr. Mohammed, however, assured that before the end of this week, the administration will publish some details of recovered loot.
“We will get the list but not today; before the end of the week. But I must say not with the names”, he said.


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