Tuface Responds To Tiwa Savage’s marriage scandal


We all know that 2face Idibia’s name was mentioned among some of the men that had allegedly slept with Nigerian songstress, Tiwa Savage.

The African Queen star has opened up on the scandal.

2face Idibia, whose family once shared a well-publicized dinner with Tiwa and Tee Billz, has supposedly now tweeted in defense of the couple, expressing his displeasure at the way jokes are being made of their present situation.

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I’m so disgusted at some people that have been making distasteful jokes out of people’s real life heartbreaking predicament. GOD forgive u

Tee Billz, in that viral rant of his, accused his wife of sleeping with 2face Idibia, Dr. Sid and Don Jazzy.

2face’s wife, Annie Idibia, however posted her husband’s picture shortly after the incriminating rant.

A move which has been widely interpreted as a show of support for her husband.

He also mentioned Annie in the rant, thanking her for the home-made meals she gave him while his wife, Tiwa, neglected her duties.


  1. Tiwa if u want to clear ur conscience come let me take u to Edo state were u can swear u dont nid lie detective test remember d gospel singer who died in an hotel room in Benin after runs with a pastor d jazz will catch up & take its course if u re indeed guilty.

  2. Hahahahahaha, u guys are so funny, @makanda, is Isoken d course of their predicament? Dat is d life must artist choose to live. Can tiwa swear Dat she does nt ve boyfrd b4 she got married to teebillz? D truth is dat dey wnt to get marry to a famous partner even if den are nt compact able bcos they jt want man dat will befits their status, dat is wat makes their marriage fail bcos dare is no true love dare. Anywhere! Dat is their cup of tea. Hisssssssssss

  3. I plead to every one commenting to this disheartening issue of our aunty tiwa, to stop making jokes and pray for them and also Anty tiwa take care of your home you can’t be busy and forget about your family tibliz is your husband you most also put him as your number one priority after God love care for him and honor him even if you have money more than him go back to him and remain loyal to him God bless both of you peace.

  4. She should go back to someone who was ready to not only bash her and her mum(which is like d
    the worst thing he could have done) but was doing hard drugs and throwing her hard earned money [email protected] Alfred…that kind prayer no go work abeg. My prayer is for her to have peace of mind and God’s grace. The dickless wonder of a husband can go to Hell!!

  5. If they don’t want people to bad mouth them they should keep it private. A common man can not be a news. Make dem go dubai go settle leave us alone as dey no start with us(they left us in naija 4 dubai wedn). But are u serious tiwa? She mentioned in her interview she didn’t see anysign about tunjis immorality or whatsoever. & dat she can accept if it was weed he takes. Tiwa u are just a drama. May God 4give us all. Amin. It is well ooo

  6. Tiwa, you tried to save your marriage. i can feel your pains. Please be strong and put your mind in what you are doing. God will help you take care of your son. It is not easy, many Nigerians will not understand

  7. Did he Tee not knw dat she has being havin affairs wit oda men b/4 he married her, was he not he manager b/4 they fell in love,got married and had a child?
    So wat r we all sayin here.
    If truely the accusations r true then he must have had an idea of it b/4 he got in2 a relationship wit her.

  8. Aunty tiwa I can understand d way u feel ryt naw infact,thou I wil always luv u wit all my life bt I wil surely advice u as I do 2my blood,pls nd plss jst find sum tym u wil b having wit ur husband u knw sumtyms ur husband wil feel he shud tell u his mind,jokes wit u,say naughty wrds wit u,etc nd infact remember ur son a son need mother care Vry wel don’t let ur job distract ur marriage….i pray God wil b wit u nd settle ur home

  9. Tiwa…shit does happens but don’t despise the days of ur little beginning. ..things fall apart but don’t let it be ur marriage. ..God give u the grace to pull through. ..Amen


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