Today in African History;21st May

On this day in 2015; Former president, Thabo Mbeki, addressed the Pan African Parliament held in Midrand, South Africa, where he mentioned that Africa needed large volumes of capital effectively to address the challenge of the eradication of poverty and underdevelopment. He said that Africa will never meet its developmental goals if it does not stop the illegal movement of money off the continent.

Also on this day in 2003; An earthquake measuring 6.8 struck Algeria’s northern coast, 70 km east of Algiers. At least 2 200 people were killed in the initial earthquake and in aftershocks.
Equally on this day in 2001; The UN Security Council declared the Congo River open again after two years and six months of war. The closure affected food and medicine for millions across Congo.
On this day in 1994; Bakili Muluzi was sworn in as Malawi’s first democratically elected president.
And on this day in 1991; Ethiopia’s military strongman Mengistu Haile Mariam stepped down and went om exile in Zimbabwe after fourteen years of brutal rule. Date is given as 22 May in another source.



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