President Buhari Fails To Publish Looters’ List As Promised

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday failed on his promise to publish looters’ list on Democracy Day as he passed the responsibility to the Ministry of Information.

“So far, what has come out, what has been recovered in whatever currency from each ministry, department and individual, I intend on the 29th to speak on this because all Nigerians are getting from the mass media is the number of people arrested either by the EFCC, DSS. But we want to make a comprehensive report on May 29,” Buhari had said while attending an anti-corruption summit in London earlier in the month.

After explaining how difficult the recovery process has been, Buhari said: “Full details of the status and categories of the assets will now be published by the Ministry of Information and updated periodically. When forfeiture formalities are completed these monies will be credited to the treasury and be openly and transparently used in funding developmental projects and the public will be informed.”

Later on Sunday, the Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed said during a television programme that he would disclose the recovered loot this week.


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