Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant Dethrones One Of Its Queens

Organizers of the Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant have announced the dethronement of one of their queens, Grace Okoro Adaeze who was Miss Nollywood Culture and Tourism 2016. Her dethronement is contained in a statement released this morning. Read the statement after the cut…

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Breaking News! One of Miss Nollywood Queens, Grace Okoro Adaeze Miss Nollywood Culture and Tourism 2016 has been Dethroned…
This is to Notify the Public (social Media, Press, Prints) and all news platforms that Grace is no longer a queen of Nollywood.. For going against the policies and rules of Miss Nollywood Organisation…
1.Miss Grace impose herself a manager one Robyn Gawa, who is an imposter, a fake Manager Not recognised by the Organisation, who carries himself as a worker of MNF, we are clarifying that Robyn Gawa is neither a worker nor among the MNF organising team..
No Queen in any part of the world has the right to name herself a manager, without the approval of the Organisation, It’s an insult..
2. As a Queen of Nollywood whatever that happens to her, is on the Organisation, But Grace appears in Programs (travels all around) without the consent of the organisation, even when she was told to return she replied MNF in quote ‘No one can stop me’.
The organisation has been very lenient with Miss Grace and she was warned severally..
3. Grace was recently in Bayelsa, where the organiser EBarakumo Odede is based, but she cared less about informing him, She Lodged in a Hotel with her fake Manager and stayed for over a week, The Organisation knows nothing of what they did, If not for the good relationship the MNF have with Hotels, which led to reliable sources contacting us if we are aware of Grace’s whereabouts?
4. During her stay, Grace was even asked if she had told her Boss of her travel.. she confirmed that ‘I don’t really think it’s he’s business’..
5. Out of the great love the organisation has for her, and due to how she was picked, built up and changed to become a better person, we endured and warned her of her Behaviour more than we can count.. Grace is now too big for the Organisation, she’s rude, we cannot contain her arrogancy anymore..
Therefore Miss Grace Okoro Adaeze has been brought down in compliance with the policies of Miss Nollywood Beauty Pageant and has been Dethroned..
Queen Grace dethronement takes immediate effect and shes expected to return all the belongings of Miss Nollywood within 6days, and never to appear as a queen of Nollywood anywhere Again..
And the ‘HOPE SUPPORT INITIATIVE FOUNDATION’ that was founded by the Organisation under BK GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT for Miss Grace Okoro to Support the Less Privileged has been withdrawn from her..
Should Grace be found flaunting herself as a Queen of Nollywood after this letter, will be as impersonation..
And anyone who sees her appearing or claiming to be a queen of Nollywood should consider her a fraud and call the Police immediately..
We Love our Queens, all we do is to promote our Queens, the Organisation has never had any bad intention against its queens.. And has never forced Miss Grace of Any of our Queens to go or do anything against their will..
Signed Miss Nollywood
Source: LIB


  1. Honestly, I don’t know how true this whole thing is. I don’t have the facts. And I know that there are always issues with this beauty pageant of a thing.

    I just want to point that from this publication it is rather clear that the only two crimes of this beauty queen are that she appointed herself a manager not approved by her agency and she travelled to Bayelsa for an event without informing her promoter. Whether or not these allegations are true we have no way of verifying here.

    But my concern is, if these allegations were true, did the promoter and the NollyWood Beauty Pageant Agency have to publish five (5) crimes which are merely a duplication of the two as mentioned above? Was it necessary to duplicate her supposed offence number 2 into 3 others? If the agency actually had a genuine case against this Queen did they need to resort to duplicating her 2 offences into 5?

    I think that it is possible that there is more to this whole brohaha than we are told here.

    Caveat! The Queen in question is my friend. So it is possible that I am speaking from a biased point of view. But I am not!

    Rather, I find it hard to relate with the issues raised, mostly the one that had to do with her lodging in a hotel with her self appointed manager, indirectly accusing her of having private sexual moments with the guy.

    Hmmmm! Private ooo! Didn’t hear that she was caught on a dancefloor messing up with the guy mind you!

    Adaeze is someone I know as my good friend. So hearing or reading things like this about her actually don’t connect. The issues don’t add up. Instead they appear to me like simply calling a dog a bad name in order to hang him.

    But like I said, the facts of this whole thing is not bare before us. All we have is what is published on this blog.

    God alone knows the truth and it is from Him that the unjustly treated will get justice!


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