Infographic – 17 Fun Historic Monuments to Visit This Holiday

May 27th Children’s day is a day in Nigeria that is extremely celebrated and commercialised – kids usually look at it as a free pass to have unlimited fun and food. However, children never really think about the holiday that closely follows which is 29th of May, Democracy day. Because of this, the struggle of generations past is fast becoming forgotten. It is very important for us to constantly remind ourselves that even though Nigeria isn’t where we would like it to be, we have come a long way from where we used to be.

This year presents the ample opportunity for individuals and families to dig deep and discover the foundations on which Nigeria and Nigerian democracy are founded. Children’s’ day happens to fall on a Friday, and Democracy day on a Sunday (which means no work on Monday, Woohoo!). Take this opportunity to go on a long-desired family vacation, and take the time to visit some monuments that relate to the struggle for Independence and democracy in Nigeria.

One of the major worries about taking an impromptu trip is the problem of accommodation- that won’t be a problem anymore as online booking site, will help with all of your bookings, no matter how sudden they may be. Educating Nigeria’s youth about the road to Nigeria’s present helps us to build up a strong generation of passionate Nigerians that want to change the nation as our founding fathers have done.


This year, Nigeria is celebrating 17 years of uninterrupted democratic rule, and in keeping with that theme, we have found 17 fun and educative historic monuments to teach the whole family about our great Nigeria. Pin-pointed on the infographic below, there are 8 political monuments in Lagos, 2 tourist destinations in Calabar and two landmarks in Abuja, among other locations around the country. Learn while you are celebrating this weekend!



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