High-tech cheating scandal leads Thai university to cancel exams


A university in Thailand cancelled its entrance exams after a small group of students were found using high-tech devices to cheat. A photo from Rangsit University employee Arthit Ourairat showed the combination of high-tech glasses and smartwatches used by students to cheat during the entrance exams for the university’s College of Medicine and Faculties of Dental Medicine and Pharmacy over the weekend.

According to the Bangkok Post, three proxies were sent into the classroom to capture footage of the exam using the glasses and left after the minimum required time of 45 minutes. They then emailed the questions to a tutoring institute, which then sent the answers to three other students via their smart watches. “This is an unacceptable act in academic circles. We will take both civil and criminal action because there were many students who had paid a great deal of money to attend the May 7-8 exams,” RSU’s vice president of Academic Affairs Nares Pantaratorn said.

The university did not name any of the parties involved, but the proxies admitted that they were paid about $170 each to record the test. Only one of the three students came forward and said he paid a deposit of more than $1,400 to the tutoring institute for the smart watch and would owe about $23,000 if he successfully passed the test. “Now we are trying to persuade the other two kids who have yet to confess to give us information so that we can take [legal] action against that tutoring academy to the fullest extent,” Nares said.



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