Dancer Kaffy’s Husband Praises Her For Loving Him

Let me help some ladies who are married and who want to get married and enjoy marriage. The one man in this world you should be able to take bullshit from is your husband. Any lady who goes into marriage with the idea of “I can’t take shit from any man”, is not ready for marriage and would be sent parking.

In this our society, men used to marry as much as 10 wives, some even married more than 10. So if a man in the same society today decide to marry ONLY you, the least you can do is tolerate and love him rather than see yourself as EQUAL to him, either you make more money than him or not.

Over 90% of marriages you see crash is due to ladies wanting to be EQUAL or even above their husband in the scheme of things; saying ‘I can’t endure what my mother endured with my father’. Nonsense!

My dear, it’s not by force to marry. If you don’t want to be the “woman” in a marriage just stay single and have kids for different men. It’s your life; you and God will talk when you die.

I’m saying all these because many ladies today look at big society weddings and that’s all they want, yet they do not want the REALITY that comes with marriage. Sadly, some churches are promoting this idea of women being equal with their husband. I wonder where they got that from in the Bible.

Back to Kaffy and her Husband, John Ameh. She is even older than her man yet she’s humble and gives him his due respect as her head. The husband came out to celebrate his wife for not putting him under any kind of pressure, but some ladies who don’t even know anything about marriage started insulting the man and even cursing their marriage, saying he and Kaffy would soon break up too.
How sad! Just because a man says his wife respects him and doesn’t give him stress? No wonder divorce is on the increase. I wish such ladies get their acts right before marriage to avoid their own divorce.
Source:Ladun Liadi


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