9 Struggles Of Any Nigerian Babe Who Has Carried Her Weaves/Braids Over Two Months

If you have ever carried your weaves or braids over a month, either because you have been extremely busy or broke, then you can definitely relate with these 9 struggles, which INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together in this piece…

-When you mistakenly pass by your hair dresser’s salon and the first thing that she acknowledges when you greet her is your hair before the greeting.

-The look bae gives you when you try to be romantic and rest your head on his chest

-How the water looks when you try to wash your hair net.

-When you get to work at the beginning of a fresh week and  your colleagues don’t bother to notice your brand new Chanel bag but your hair and even you can’t miss the ‘eww look’

-The way your hair looks when you finally take off your weaves or braids

collage-2016-05-17 (1)

-The way you creatively come up with different styling method to make your braids or weaves look different every time is something even President Buhari should consider giving you a national award for.

-When someone says ‘I like your hairdo’ but you don’t know if it’s a genuine compliment or a stark naked shade so you don’t know if to say ‘Thank you its actually old or ‘its actually old but thanks’, so yo just smile sheepishly instead.

-When you pass by those people that make hair and they are all dragging you to come make your hair. Fyi; They do it even when your hair is extremely new so do not feel bad.

-When you finally take off the hair and everybody is congratulating you like you just got a ministerial appointment.

True or false???


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