4 Mental Distractions That Keep You from Finding A Partner

Love shouldn’t be something you fall into with your feelings but rather something you walk into with your heart, soul and mind all in agreement. if you want to find love, you’ll need to do so purposefully. But there are four things that could be mentally distracting you from finding love. Lets discuss them

1. The search for the perfect person

There is no perfect person. Dating can be very challenging simply because dates will often show off their best qualities and behaviors in order to impress the other person. This is why it is imperative to watch for the small actions, which may help determine or reveal the date’s true character. For example, one small thing you can do is see how the person treats the waiter or waitress at the restaurant. Though it’s good to be discerning while dating, you also have to give grace for flaws because guess what, you have flaws too.

2. The fear of getting hurt

Relationships are actually a risk. This is why it is crucial to set boundaries from the very beginning. No matter what your standards are in regards to what’s okay and what’s not okay, there should always be boundaries implemented in order to guard your heart. At the end of it all, being hurt is NO FUN. But you must not allow past hurt to distract you from being vulnerable in a new relationship. Once the time is right, allow that new person to look into who you really are.

3. The wait for it to “feel” like love

Your feelings do not know your future and your feelings are the worse things to rely on when trying to assess a person for the potential of marriage. You can have feelings for anyone, but that doesn’t make that person marriage material. What should be the assessment is wisdom. Wisdom will help you to see the person for who they are. Don’t be distracted because you’re waiting for that special feeling, but rather allow wisdom to tell you if the person is good or not good for your future.

4. The thought it’ll never happen, so why try

Negative thinking usually leads to negative outcomes. If you’re not optimistic when meeting new people, you’ve already set those encounters up for failure. Pessimistic thought patterns will deter you from sparking those chance conversations with an introduction, such as “hello,” “nice to meet you” “how about this weather.”

Don’t leave love up to fate and thus a philosophy that believes, “no matter what I do, if its meant to be, then it will be.” You must try by getting out and meeting new people who will encourage you to stay optimistic because it can happen when you least expect it.


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