10 Daily Struggles of a Nigerian Man Married to an ‘Onigbese’ Wife

Sometimes it has nothing to do with how much some people have, buying things on credit is one of their trademarks. Even when they have cash to pay for their purchases immediately, they just won’t. However, Nigerian women who have no money of their own and have to wait on their husband for everything are mostly guilty of this. INFORMATION NIGERIA, therefore, outlines 10 real struggles of any man married to an ‘onigbese’ wife…

-No matter how much you drop for food, she always  has cause to buy stuff on credit


-When her creditors comes to knock at your door early in the morning and she dashes past you with the speed of light to discharge the person just so you have no idea who the person or their mission is.

-When you actually stick around to decipher the creditor’s mission to your house but your wife is busy ‘cutting eye’ for the creditor not to spill the bean or make a scene.

-How your wife rides in the car with you when you drive pass her creditor’s street.

-When there is always a story attached to any new stuff she brings into the house like; ‘Mummy Daniel asked me to help her keep this bag’ fact is, she knows you’ll query where she got the money to bu something new when its obvious she has no none source of income.

-An onigbese wife never ever cuts her coat according to her cloth. She’s always the first to collect the landlord’s daughter’s N75k wedding aso ebi, even though she has no none means of paying for it.

-When your wife automatically cuts ties with a particular street or road because the people she owes reside there


-The only new discussion she has with you every time is the money you dropped for food is never enough because that’s the only place where she intends to get the money with which she services her debts


-The way you react when you learn your wife has even borrowed money from everyone in your compound including the helpless orphan that hawks pure water to survive.

-The look you give her when she tries to be nice to  you but you know in the end she’s only going to ask you for money and the money is only going to be spent on servicing debts

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