Read how Lagos Police handled the feud between Wizkid and Linda Ikeji


After much talk, The Lagos state Police Command has opened up on what happened after the highly publicized feud between Linda Ikeji and Wizkid as reported to them.

According to the Police P.R.O, Dolapo Badmos, when the police invited the parties, they agreed to resolve the matter out of court after Wizkid said he had not really meant to threaten her life, and that his rant was rather emotional, with no malicious intent attached.

Wizkid, she said, explained that the threat of sending his 16-year old cousin to beat up Linda, was also written out of anger and emotion and there was nothing else to it.

She said that even though the ‘threat’ was criminal in nature, the matter was amicably resolved through Alternative Dispute resolution (ADR ).

Police say decision to resolve the matter was not because of the parties’ status in the society but due to genuine commitment by the parties to resolve the matter.



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