Maid Caught On Camera Pouring Her Urine Into Her Boss’s Juice In Kuwait

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A family believed to be Kuwaiti installed a secret camera in their kitchen after becoming suspicious of their maid’s activities in their home. And what they discovered was shocking.

The maid was caught pouring her urine into her boss’s juice after he requested a drink. The camera captured two women going about their daily chores while one of them prepared a drink.

She is seen stirring it and then heading away before the second maid walks over to the juice. Before she gets there however she quickly pulls a beaker of what purportedly contains her own urine from her trousers. She is then clearly seen topping up the drink with the liquid.

The video concludes with the woman returning to carry on with her job. She can be seen preparing food in the background. The man involved who has chosen to keep his identity secret has warned other families to be careful about who they employ and keep an eye on the activities of domestic staff.



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