City Workers Find Snake Electrocuted While Eating Snake


Workers in a North Carolina city found a snake had electrocuted itself at a home slated for demolition and a second snake died while trying to eat the first. The City of Morgantown said in a Facebook post that Electric Services Department workers visited a home last week to disconnect the power prior to its scheduled demolition and they were greeted with a bizarre sight when they opened the electrical box.

“They were greeted by two dead snakes that had managed to climb into the box. One snake slithered across two hot terminals and was electrocuted; the second snake was biting the first and received the jolt as well,” the post said.

The post quoted Electric Services Director Brooks Kirby as saying workers find electrocuted snakes every two or three years “and that’s one time too many!” He did not say if there had been a previous case of a snake being electrocuted while practicing cannibalism.

Kirby said the snakes appeared to be venomous black snakes, with one measuring about 3-1/2 feet long and the other measuring about 6-1/2 feet long. “The public needs to be aware that if they can get into an electrical box, they can crawl through any small hole,” he told Morganton’s The News Herald.



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