APC Not Divided – Nafada


Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Sen. Bayero Nafada, said on Tuesday that there was no division within the hierarchy of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Nafada, who currently represents Gombe North Senatorial District at the Senate, said this in Abuja at the National Secretariat of the party.

“There is no problem in this party and the party will deliver on its campaign promises,” he told newsmen.

“All these are rumours that are going on about the party; there is no established division in the party, if there is, you can tell me,” he said.

“I don’t want to believe that there is no coherence because there is no election at the moment.

“If there is election I believe all the party members would put their heads together.

“There was a rerun in Rivers State, did you hear of any division among the party hierarchy? No! If you have a mega party like the APC, definitely, some people may not like what others are doing.

“And, it is not only in political parties, even in religions. If you are a Christian, you have so many denominations. If you are a Muslim you have so many sects,” Nafada restated.

On the recent attack on a member of the Houses Representatives in Gombe by some angry youths in the state, he said that there were angry youths in the state who felt left out.

“I believe you know that Gombe is not an APC-controlled state; it is a PDP-controlled state and we have so many supporters in Gombe.

“I can even say without doubt that the APC has more membership in Gombe than PDP but because we don’t have government at the state, most of our youth are looking for jobs to do.

“As members of the National Assembly, we cannot provide or we cannot cater for the entire youth in Gombe for what they would do, but we are doing our best.

“But you know, you will do your best and some people would say this has got and I am not getting, so I will want to get my own right now, instead of you to wait when it is your turn, but you know as youth they would not wait,” Nafada explained.

However, he said that elders of the party had spoken to the youth on the need to exercise patience and peace had returned to the state.


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