8 Totally Real Situations People Who Look Younger Than Their Age Can Totally Understand

Looking younger than one’s age has its pros and cons. For instance, while people your age are worrying about wrinkles, you don’t. However, there are times when you actually don’t see the advantage of this situation and for anyone, who looks younger than their age, there are certain situations you always get to contend with. Wondering what they are? Well, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you some of them in this piece…

-When secondary school students are confident enough to approach you and ask for your number and you are like ‘What the heck’ because you left secondary school over 10years ago.

-When people don’t take you seriously because they are probably wondering why a kid should interfere in adult talk.

-People just naturally assume that you’re the “baby” of the group, but in reality you tend to be the most stable, mature person out of your circle of friends.

-When people ALWAYS mistake you  as the younger sibling when with your younger siblings.

-When people who you are in fact older than address you as their subordinate because they believe that you’re younger.

-When you have to constantly scream the fact that you are not a JAMBITE to everyone, even though you re in your finals.

-When people judge you when you go out with your boyfriend or girlfriend because they are wondering why you are dating an older person at such a tender age.

-Anyone that visit your office almost instantly mistakes you for the intern

Yay or Nay???



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