7 Common Things That Happen In A Birthday Party in Mushin


Whether its in Mushin, Bariga, Iju or Ajegunle, the trend is pretty much the same for parties in these areas. There is no need to buy the celebrant any present as all that matters is your presence. People who live in Lekki, Ikoyi, Magodo or any other part of Nigeria and have had no reason to attend a party in one of these aforementioned areas would be wondering what a birthday party in these areas might look like. Well, INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece would tell you a thing or two about it…


Hemp smoking; This is like the holy grail of ghetto parties. There is always weed smoking happening everywhere and anywhere at the party venue.

No food; In a typical Mushin party, there is usually like 2 precent food and 198 percent booze as against what obtains else where. The party organizer only has to provide small amount of food and fill everywhere with alcohol.

More guys than girls; You are most likely to find more than two guys dancing with one girl on the dance floor and they taking turns to dance with the few girls available. Here there is nothing like monopolozing any girl except she’s your girlfriend.



Dry gin vendors everywhere; A party day in Mushin is a huge market day for ‘alomo’ sellers. These sellers troops to party venues with their wares and party goers would definitely buy from them because the organizers wouldn’t be able to provide all the drinks that would cater for both invited and uninvited guests.

No invites necessary; Party organizers don’t even bother to make some because people in Mushin don’t need one to appear at the party. A party organizer just only needs to inform one or two persons and he’s rest assured of having the whole community stop by.

Loud music; There is no limitation as to the volume of the music. Every early on the day of the party, residence of the area already know there would be a party on that day because the DJ comes with all his equipment and starts to thrill them with music from that time to when the party starts fully and when it closes at past mid night.

Never ends; Unless of course, something bad happens to the DJ or his equipment or the generators or a fiasco erupts, the party is just going to go onendlessly.

Who can relate….



  1. I was born and raised in Ajegunle, however no longer lives in Lagos. Most of these are true although a little bit exaggerated.


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