6 Unimaginable Places We Charge our Phones


Electric power shortage/unavailability has been a scourge in Nigeria, which we have adapted to as a country because there seems to be no solution presently at hand. In this era of smart phones, that comes with major flaw of having battery life that tend to drain out faster: Nigerians have to improvise alternative means to charge their phones since not everybody can afford using the generator always. You see people moving about with their charger looking for any available opportunity to charge their phones. INFORMATION NIGERIA brings to you in this piece 6 unimaginable places where people charge their phones.

1.Churches: people that attend church services in my area to charge their phones is increasing daily. They now pray the service last longer so that they can charge longer. You will see their demeanour change or turn back home whenever the church’s generator is faulty.

2.Banks: so I was on a queue inside one of the new generation banks, when a very good looking man came in and went directly to the water dispenser to drink a cup of water; immediately located an electricity wall-socket and plugged in his charger then sat down like someone about to deposit a huge sum of money (na charge e come charge). Many banks are halting such activities in their premises for security reasons.

3.Commercial Buses/taxies: people don’t struggle only for comfortable seats in buses again, they now struggle to use the car charger. They pass turn as if is a matter of life and death and some even forgets to pick their phones while alighting.

4.Salons: this is always an opportunity for me to charge since am a customer and I take it that charging is one of the services offered by the salon. The time limit depends on the style but as a sharp guy, to extend my charging time, I find faults and always correct the barber for long so that he will take his time while I continue my act.

5.Football Viewing Centres: 90 minutes is too much of a time to stay without charging after paying to watch a match. People flood viewing centres with their gadgets in order to charge them while enjoying the match. One’s attention is always divided since one must be vigilant because of thieves.

6.Restaurants: hungry or not, sometimes I just take a walk to a restaurant across my street; order a bottle of drink; sit close to a wall socket then plug in my charger then chill and enjoy my bottle for the next 2 hours till I get a full battery.

where do you charge your phones folks?


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