6 Amazing Types Of People You Would Find In A Nigerian Banks


People act in funny manner especially in the banking hall where you find Nigerians. They can ask to borrow your Biro and not returning it. It is based on this that INFORMATION NIGERIA brings to you 6 amazing types of people you would find in a Nigerian banks.

The Pen Borrower

It won’t take anything from somebody going into the bank to go with as cheap as a 20naira pen but people wont just do that for reasons best known to them. The funny thing is that you have to close mark who ever you borrow your pen. The person might just walk away with your pen or regale you with how the pen was given to some one else.

The I am behind crew

These group of people would dash into the bank and first tell the last person on the queue that ”i am behind you” before going back to fill the slip and spring back again.

The queue Jumpers

These league of people are worse that the aforementioned group, they have no regard for protocol or the queue. They just jump from behind and want to get their business done ASAP.

The bank door rejectee

Most times its the people’s fault and some other time its just the stubborn door that would not just let them in.

The Wealth Customers

Ever been to the bank and after a long queue, you are the second to the next person to be attended to and you are like ‘Thank God oo’ before you realize that the person in your front has come to make a huge deposit thereby making you making you wait for almost as long as you have been waiting before you become the second to the next person?

The slip wasters

Its amazing how people make mistake just filling out their information. You would find this set of people tearing and cancelling their slips over and over.

which group do you belong???



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