5 Weird Things Almost Every Single Nigerian Has to Deal With


We are Nigerians and we know how we get on some kind of issues like marriage, courtship and having children. The rules aren’t written anywhere in our constitution but we know it within our heart. At a certain age in the life of every Nigerian, there are certain things that society require of you, when you fall short of them, either by will or omission, you are bashed mercilessly and being single at a certain age is one them. INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece brings you 5 kinds of weird things single people deal with…

Are you dating; Its like you have lost your right to have friends of the other gender. As soon as people see you getting too comfy with a person of the other gender, the next question is ‘ Is that your boo’. Yes, Nigerians do that a lot.

You’re single because you’re “too picky; This one comes mostly from your caring mom or older relatives. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your time to find someone special. As long as you are not in a relationship when you should, you are definitely too picky and that is a problem for everyone.

Someone from your village; Nigerians are religious and spiritual people, therefore, an average Nigerian would never write a bad situation off, as one of life’s uncertainties. It definitely has to be that an old woman from their village is on their case. This also applies to relationships. When someone seems unable to be in a relationship, their best bet is that it is ‘their village enemies’.

Or you have a spiritual husband/wife; When you’ve been single for too long, people suddenly start to recommend to you that you should see  a spiritualist, who would help you ward off the spiritual spouse. It is definitely not normal to be single at certain age in Nigeria without it being a spiritual problem.

Your character; It isn’t rare to hear people say ‘someone’s character is the reason they can’t find themselves a spouse’. This happens but not in all cases. Many Nigerians singles are constantly bashed with this but don’t they see people with worse characters getting hitched every now and then.

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