5 Things That Would Happen In Arranged Marriages…



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Arranged marriages started a long time ago in Nigeria. According to old stories told to us by our parents, marriages back then were arranged by parents. The ‘would be’ couples almost never have a say. That trend has somehow metamorphosed into present day Nigeria. People who are advocates for arranged marriages, have argued that dating is the reason why many people are unmarried now. Some of you might not know what this type of marriage entails. So, just so you know, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 5 things that would happen in arranged marriages…


Age Difference doesn’t matter: In marriage that are arranged, its common to see a very old man marry a girl young enough to be his child. The sad part is, the female who is always at least 10 years younger has no choice but to marry the man either because he is rich and would take her family out of poverty or her family simply prefers him.

Nothing like dating before marriage: Anyone whose marriage was  arranged knows surely that dating before getting married is impossible. Usually, the two people know nothing about each other and just so a family relationship is furthered or a relative doesn’t die unmarried, they are match-maked with someone they have no idea who they are.

Never met in person: Arranged marriages have various degrees. There is the case where both parties don’t see each other until the day of the wedding. So they are just hoping and praying that their would be husband/wife don’t end being too ugly, short or tall.

It doesn’t feel like your wedding: In arranged marriages, you may feel like your wedding is not your own. You do not know the person you are marrying nor their family. It is completely done by the families, the bride and groom have very little say in their wedding ceremony.

It’s not your fault: When problems occur in the marriage, the couple just find a way to blame those that brought them together and not they themselves.

What do you think???


  1. Arranged marriage is crude and has no place in modern society and its survival hinges on a wing and prayer. It takes away the fun in courting before marriage. However some are hamstrung by primitive culture where arrange marrage is deep rooted in the fabric of some certain xtian or muslim enclave.
    The challenges of modern day hectic lifestyle means some hadly ever have time to socialise and in the end resorts to arrange marriage. Not fogetting also that some men are natural recluse and can’t chat up women.

  2. I think arrange marriage or match make, whatever they call it is not a bad idea at all. I don’t believe In courtship. Dating for 10/15 years is not a guarantee of SUCCESSFUL marriage. Most people try to pretend and hide their dirty character during courtship.
    Marriage takes the Grace of God to workout. Is two people coming from different background and upbringing.
    Our parents never dated or court but they are happily married till date.
    I prefer match make to courtship…… what are we courting???? I think when there is no courtship is more interesting.


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