5 Funny Struggles of Very Short Person

Being short may have it on perks. It means you’re always looking up, and straightening your back when you need to gain a few inches. Most times, short people are always over looked and that does happen often. They  compensate for their lack of height with attitude. So even though people can’t see them coming , your sure going to make them with the sound of your voice. The struggle is too real and INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 5 real struggles of being short

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Stretching gets things done: For something as easy as getting clothes from the wardrobe requires standing on your toes. Tall people take these kind of things for granted and you always wonder why God didn’t just ‘dash’ you a few inches more to save your the struggle.


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Pictures are a challenge: If you want to take a photo of yourself that would be fine but with people taller than you, that would a problem. You always have to find a  position that doesn’t undermine you and when the photographer rubs it in..Ughhhhhh!!!

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Being looked down on: Tall people literally look down on you especially when you are in an argument with them just to belittle you. You know this and go on and make your point anyway. And they say you use your arrogance to compensate for your height but who cares right?


Awful compliments: When people whom you are old enough to be their parent refer to you as a kid because you are short. Being called ‘dear’ by a tall person would have just been an innocent complement if it was coming from a tall person.

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Being leaned on: When you practically bring to life the Michael Bolton’s song ‘lean on me’. Just because you are short doesn’t make you anyone’s support but they lean on you anyway because you are short. And the sad part is, they have to lean on your head becaude that is closest thing to their elbow.




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