5 Funny Situations People Who Attended A Nigerian Secondry School Never Want To Be Caught In


Secondary school in Nigeria can be a lot of work. From waking up early in the morning to meet the assembly to the bulky Friday assignments to teachers who flog you just for doing absolutely nothing. Teachers sometimes beat students for ordinarily talking to a fellow student, like aren’t we supposed to have freedom of speech?(lol). Aside all these vices, Nigerian secondary schools can be so much fun too. However, here are some very funny but totally real situations that no one in a secondary school wants to be in, wondering what they are, INFORMATION NIGERIA has highlighted 5 of them for you in this piece…

During a test or an exam, when the teacher says 5mins left and the only thing you have on your answer paper is your name. Anyone who has ever been in this type of situation would serious know what it means when they say ‘Jesus take wheel…”

When the teacher says choose a partner and you don’t have a single friend in your class. Everyone else quickly partners up with their pals and there you are standing all by yourself with everyone else looking at you like you have leprosy.

When the teacher who has absolutely no chill catches you making a lot of noise with your friend while he/she is teaching. Truth is, people die once but your surely going to die more than once that day.

When the teacher says: I want this class to be really interactive and don’t be shy to ask me anything even if you think its a stupid question, then you go ahead and use all the freedom in the world to ask a stupid question and the teacher gives you ‘the look’ and you automatically feel like the most stupid person on Earth.

When the teacher says ‘submit your assignment’ with a very big frown and the longest cane in the world and you didn’t do yours and didn’t have the time to copy from your friend because the class was immediately after the morning assembly and you know no one is going to save you from the impending wrath.

Which one did you dread most!!!



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