10 things your husband wants to know about your body (but is afraid to ask)

Let’s be honest; there are times when men can be completely clueless when it comes to women. I just don’t mean in the romantic aspect either, but just women in general; our bodies, our wants, or our needs.

Even your husband who thinks he knows you better than any other man, has some questions about your body that he is too afraid, or too embarrassed, to ask.

Here are some things that your husband may be too afraid to ask you about, but that maybe you should share with him to alleviate some of those fears and the awkwardness that surrounds them in general:
1. Your period

This can encompass so many things that your husband has questions about, but we will just stick to the menstrual cycle in general. If you need to pull out charts and pictures of female anatomy, go ahead; but I found that a general description of what happens during that week is sufficient enough, and in the end becomes very helpful when you’re riding the crimson wave.
2. Cramps

I had to make this it’s own thing because I have found that men do not have a very sound understanding of cramps, especially if they don’t understand periods. Help him understand that cramps can be EXTREMELY painful at times, and no you are not being a baby, and yes you need to just lie down for a while and take three Midol pills to feel comfortable again. You will be grateful you have explained cramps to him; and if he has more questions, YouTube is full of videos of men receiving simulations of cramps.
3. Hair

Hair you ask? But yes; hair. It seems to me that most men and husbands do not understand a woman’s hair, whether it’s on her head or on her body. My husband was surprised to find out that I was not magically hairless on my body, but that it took shaving to get it that way. Or there may be times when your husband doesn’t understand why you need to use a heat protector product or a deep conditioner for your hair, and this may be a good time to explain how you achieve those silky locks he enjoys so much.
4. Grooming

Some men find it puzzling how much extra time a woman might put into her appearance, such as using makeup or nail polish, or going to the salon in general. It may be important to explain to your husband that while doing these things makes you feel and look more attractive to him, it is also for your own self-esteem and a desire to feel and look good for yourself as well. Sometimes just a little bit of mascara and a fresh manicure can work miracles for how you feel and act.
5. Ovulation

I feel this process might need its own separate explanation from the period; especially of you are both in the time of life to start having children. It is smart to explain to your husband that having sex without a condom or birth control doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get pregnant. Also, by explaining ovulation to him, you will have someone who also knows when the best time for you to conceive is, helping you to remember when to start the baby making fun.
6. Chocolate

This is not technically a part of your body, but the craving part is. Some men wonder why women can crave chocolate so much and why. Studies have shown chocolate and other fatty, carbohydrate-rich foods trigger the production of more serotonin. Researchers also say that indulging in sweet and fatty foods also triggers the release of endorphins — brain chemicals that help you feel calm. So tell your man that, yes, it is scientifically proven that chocolate makes everything better.
7. Body shape

Your husband loves both you and your body. There are times when he probably doesn’t understand why you obsess over your weight so much, about being too thin or too fat. Truth is he probably doesn’t care. This is why it is good to be open and honest with your struggles, if you have any, for being satisfied with your body shape. This should especially be the case if you have dealt with an eating disorder, or still are.
8. Stretch marks

I add this one because I had an interesting experience with my husband lately, that some women may be able to relate to. I was in my second trimester of pregnancy and I was changing, when I noticed some lovely stretch marks on my lower abdomen. Surprised and a little disappointed, I exclaimed to my husband my frustration. To my astonishment, he said that he had actually noticed them for a couple weeks, but was too embarrassed to ask about it. So it’s probably best to explain to your husband about the inevitability of stretch marks, whether you have them now or when you are 60.
9. Body odor

You know that certain cologne that your husband wears that melts you every time he wears it? Or that lotion that he reacts positively to every time you have it on? Men underestimate the power of smell, and don’t understand how important it is to us. Explaining to him why you have scented candles all over the house or why you always wear perfume might help him to understand a little. Plus it can turn into a fun conversation of why he loves the way you smell. Everyone loves a little self-esteem booster!

10. Private area

Last, but certainly not least, is your private area. Yes, men generally do not understand this area of a woman’s anatomy. It is important not only for your sex life, but your well-being in general, to share this information with your husband.

Cut your husband some slack when it comes to understanding your body; to him it is an intricate and beautiful system he is still trying to understand. Be open and honest with him, and some awkwardly hilarious conversations are bound to ensue.


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