Wike’s Top Aide Regains Freedom, Reveals Why He Was Arrested

Cyril Dum Wite, the special adviser on special projects to Governor Nyesom Wike, has denied media reports that he was arrested for being in possession of military uniform and N3 million in cash during the rerun election in Rivers.

According to Daily Post, Wite, who was reportedly released on bail, spoke with journalists on Monday, March 22, in Port Harcourt, the Rivers state capital.


The governor’s aide alleged that the military men that arrested him were manipulated by one Friday Inkee, the All Progressives Congress candidate (APC) in Khana state constituency 2. Wite confirmed that he had been apprehended by soldiers at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office in Bori but he claimed that he had no military uniform. He explained that he had gone there to lodge a complaint that election materials for his Ward 12 in Lugbara in Khana constituency 1 had been allegedly hijacked.

“I had no uniform. What you saw on the video with about three men wearing camouflage, I had no knowledge of them; I don’t know them from Adams. I was seated on the floor when they brought them. “I think they were arrested on the road; the police can attest to that.

I don’t know them; they were not arrested with me. I was beaten and kicked to the floor at the INEC office in Bori; I was not arrested from anywhere. “I had no uniform at all. In this case, only one police uniform and it belonged to one of the four police officers that were to serve in my unit.

All of them came to identify that uniform that it belonged to one of the officers there. “What really happened was that they had been at the RAC centre in my village since last Thursday. A cousin of mine had assisted them to provide them with food, water and where to take their bath. “On this Saturday morning, the man had gone to his room to take his bath and left his bag in the car. So when the information came that they were hijacking election materials at Bori.

I just told my cousin who owns the car to let us go there.  “When they started beating us and searching his car, they saw a bag and when they emptied the content of the bag, a uniform was there and an identity card that belonged to that police officer who was posted to the RAC centre, clearly on election duties and who was assisted by the community where he was posted to,” he said.

“The man (the policeman) came and identified his uniform and said he was taking his bath and left his bag in the owner’s car. The car is not mine. The man identified his bag, containing his uniform, ID card and his Bible.

They gave him his bag and allowed him to go back to the RAC centre. “The owner of the uniform is not a fake police officer; he was posted on an election duty and he identified his bag. What is wrong in assisting the Nigerian police to work?” he wondered.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Kobani, the secretary to the Rivers state government who was arrested by the army for allegedly disrupting the smooth conduct of the election has regained his freedom.

The APC has denied allegations concerning the party’s alleged involvement in Kobani’s arrest. “Why should we mastermind the arrest of Kobani?

What is his political relevance? Does his position as SSG place him above the law? Are we the one that asked him to be lawless that warranted his arrest?” the party wondered.

Source: Wike


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