Today In Nigerian History: 15th March


On this day in 2008: A Wings Airline 19-seater aircraft went missing shortly after leaving Lagos for the Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River state. On August 30, hunters found the wreckage of the plane and the bodies of its three crew members.

On this day in 2007: Electoral commission barred former Vice President Atiku Abubakar from crucial elections, omitting his name from the roster of two dozen approved candidates.

On this day in 2007: In the southern region, militants released two Italian oil workers who were kidnapped for more than three months.

On this day in 2010: Militants in oil-producing region “Warri” detonated two car bombs near a government building where officials were discussing an amnesty deal, showing their resolve to resume attacks after an agreement to bring peace and economic benefits to the area unraveled. Nigeria’s intelligence Agency later accused Henry Okah, an alleged ex-leader of militant group, MEND, of having wired the bombs.

On this day in 2012: Gunmen raided a mainly Christian village in Kaduna State, killed 10 people, including a pastor and injured four others.



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