The Alphas FC – Leading The Pack

If you’re thinking will, heart and might;

If you’re thinking youth, passion and strength;

If you’re thinking zeal, skill and panache;

If you’re thinking soccer, Nigeria and Africa


… then you’re thinking The Alphas.


The Alphas FC is a Nigerian semi-professional football club based in Lagos, Nigeria. The players are a vibrant mix of young, working class individuals, intellectuals and students. They play in the Nigerian Twitter Premier League (TPL) and hold the record for the highest margin of victory ever achieved in the competition. Soccer. Nigeria. Africa.

Founded in 2015, The Alphas FC made their official competitive debut at TPL-6 with a 4-0 victory over Ranieri FC on their way to setting a few records. They went on to reach the semi-finals of that competition before getting knocked out by Guns FC on penalties (8-9). Oh, but they were not done yet. Such was their finesse that despite leaving the competition at the penultimate stage, the club bagged both the Fair Play Award and Golden Boot. Zeal. Skill. Panache.

The team has three official colours – red, white and black. The away kit is white, with a black horizontal stripe on which rests The Alphas crest. The home kit is red, also with a black horizontal stripe on which rests The Alphas crest. The Alphas crest depicts a lion rearing up for a football. Even in its simplicity, this image of the Wolf, the wolf Pack, depicting strength in teamwork and togetherness, reaching with its powerful muzzle, for the football summarizes the drive behind this team. A strong, passionate drive, to play soccer, and win. Youth. Passion. Strength.

The vision of the club, as its name indicates, is to be the standard for success that others follow. The club expects to always have a tight-knit group consisting technically gifted players who are excellent both individually and as a team. The Alphas FC has a rapidly growing fan-base, one of the largest in the TPL. You will often come across a loyal fan voicing his/her support on social media via the hash tags #NoGutsNoGlory and #WeAreTheAlphas. And truth be told, they never back down. Will. Heart. Might.

So, yes.

If you stand for will, heart and might.

If you stand for youth, passion and strength.

If you stand for zeal, skill and panache.

If you stand for soccer, Nigeria and Africa


… you stand for The Alphas FC.

Feel free to support a growing brand on twitter @thealphas_fc, Facebook page – The Alphas FC.

Chisom Ojukwu and Ifeanyi Mcdubus.


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