The 5 Things That Make Nigerians Happy

The United Nations just released its 2016 ranking of happiest nations and Denmark is on top of the list while Burundi is the least happy nation. Our dear country Nigeria is placed 103 making it the happiest country in West Africa. You may wonder why this is so, with the almost helpless state of the Nigerian economy, bad state of our roads, epileptic power and many graduates roaming the streets with no job, well, INFORMATION NIGERIA has found out the 5 things that make Nigerians happy….

The Football Remember Campaign: In Remembrance of the 1914 Christmas Truce Football Match During WW1. Image: AP.

Football: Nigerians love football and it makes them very happy. All over the country, whether old or young, many Nigerians have come to love this beautiful game and have devoted their time and money to enjoying and supporting it. A trip to any viewing centre around you would further drive home this point.



Music: Nigerian music has come a long way and it is still evolving. Don’t mess with Nigerians when it comes to music. Whether we hear “It’s Young John the Wicked Producer” or “Legendary Beatz” or some old Nigerian musician from way back, we love music and we enjoy listening all the time. It may be on our headset or in the barbing salon when you’re cutting your hair, you feel a whole lot better with the right music.

Party: With the ever inviting aroma of party jollof and the gbedu that goes with, what is their not to love about owambe. Nigerians love to party and spend a fortune on organising one. Be it weddings, birthdays naming ceremonies or what have you, we turn up well.

Social Media: Nigerians have met their life partners, lost theirs, fulfiled their dreams, had their dreams smashed, become better and other worse because of social media. With all its advantages and disadvantages, Nigerians love  social media and it keeps a lot of us happy. From Facebook updates to tweets and uploading and viewing photos on Instagram, or Snapchat videos, we live for those moments.

Dance: Whether we invented the moves or not, a Nigerian wouldn’t waste time rocking it until it fades out. In fact we take a dance move that isn’t ours and own it. From Yahoozee to Azonto to Shoki to Shakitibobo and back to Alanta. An average Nigerian loves to dance and it makes us very very happy.

True or false???


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