“Some People In My Govt Not 100 Per Cent Loyal”

PMBPresident Muhammadu Buhari has affirmed that there are some people in his government who are not “100 per cent loyal”.
The president, who took over four months from the date he assumed office to constitute his cabinet, made this disclosure in an interview he granted to Al Jazeera Television during his recent visit to Qatar.
The statement is sure to rattle some members of the cabinet, most of whom have not lived up to expectations since they were appointed.
Mr. Buhari described the controversies trailing the 2016 budget, which he had confirmed was padded, as unfortunate, reiterating his vow that the culprits would be dealt with.
Asked whether he meant there were saboteurs in his government, Buhari answered in the affirmative, exclaiming “Certainly”.
President Buhari also said Nigerians should appreciate his administration’s efforts towards reducing the cost of governance.
“I would like people to assess Nigeria, especially this government on where we found ourselves. When we came in, we found out that there were 42 ministries and we found out that the economy could not take 42, so we reduced it to 24. We also removed 21 permanent secretaries”, he stated.


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