Silly Excuses Ladies Often Give When They Are Caught Cheating

Cheating lady

No excuse is acceptable for cheating on ones spouse. But unfortunately we find a lot of ladies making a case for themselves when caught in this immoral act. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together in this piece the silly excuses ladies give when caught cheating on their boyfriends.

1. Because he is Very Lazy in Bed

Sometime I just laugh when ladies cheat and deem their promiscuous act right, saying their boyfriends’ laziness in bed actually led them to seek skillful guys who can do it better. The truth of the matter is that many of our ladies like sex as much as men do, they only difference is that they pretencious and hypocritical about it. Have you ever wondered why your girlfriend is nagging unnecessarily without a cause? It might just be because you are fond of climaxing barely two minutes after

2. It was the work of the Devil

We all know that Nigeria is a country where people don’t take responsibility for their action or misfortunes, rather, they blame it on the devil who doesn’t even know their house address or phone number. When ladies are caught cheating, they will lie against the devil.

3. I Didn’t Know what came over Me

This reminds me of when my erstwhile friend caught his girlfriend cheating red-handed, she started crying profusely saying she did not know what got into her to have opened her legs for her gate man.

4. He Molested/Forced Me

I don’t need to explain this. We all know that an average Nigerian lady is quick to bail herself out with rape allegation the moment she’s caught cheating. Some of them will seduce you and coerce you into sex and by the time they are caught they will lie that they were molested

5. Because he is also Cheating on Me

They say that two wrongs don’t make a right; and I am of the opinion that the fact that your boyfriend is cheating or unfaithful to you does not mean you should pay him back in his own coin. But since some girls have the tendencies to be unfaithful, they quickly utilize that opportunity to also cheat.

6. Because he is not Financially Capable to Provide My Needs

When I check the amount of money some ladies spend on their hair, manicure and pedicure, it’s almost enough to start a building project. However, when these ladies are dating men who do not have a good financial standing, they will definitely seek other men who will provide their basic needs, and by the time they are caught cheating they will say that a relationship without finance leads to cheating.

7. Because I was under the Influence of Alcohol

I just shake my head in disdain when ladies consciously bleep another dude but lie that a guy took advantage of them because they were under the influence of alcohol; therefore, they couldn’t resist him.

8. Because I can’t Keep all my eggs in a Basket

I don’t know when men became eggs that should not be put in a basket. Some ladies are in relationships yet they flirt a lot. You will hear them saying they can’t date only one man because they want to be on the safe side.


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