‘She Doesn’t Have Stamina, He Engages In Bigotry & Bullying’ – Trump, Clinton And Ted Cruz Trade Insults At


U.S Presidential candidates Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and Ted Cruz blasted each other on Monday night during an exclusive on-air interview with CNN. Although the trio weren’t sat face to face, they still had a go at each other while interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer at the Aipac stage.

Hilary Clinton, launched her most direct attack yet on Donald Trump, accusing him of “bigotry and bluster and bullying” and inciting violence at all his campaign rallies.

While Texas senator Ted Cruz said even though he understands Trump’s widespread support, his campaign is based on lies and he together with Clinton have traded influence in Washington.

While Trump offered a more subtle attack on rival Hilary Clinton saying she ‘lacked stamina’ to become president of America. Trump said, “I think she doesn’t have the stamina. You watch her life. You watch how she’ll go away three or four days; she’ll come back. Look, we’ve got to beat China in trade. We’ve got to beat Isis. We’ve got so many problems in this country; I say she does not have the stamina to be a good president … doesn’t have the energy, she doesn’t have it. Doesn’t have the strength to be president, in my opinion.”

Republican candidate Ted Cruz said, “The lie behind Donald’s campaign is that he will stand up to Washington. He is the system. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are flip sides of the same coin. Donald Trump has made billions buying influence in Washington. Hillary Clinton has made millions selling influence in Washington.” Cruz predicted that he would beat Trump in a head-to-head battle if the Republican convention were to be contested.

Clinton, said “I think it’s important to listen to what he says,” she said. “You have to take him at his word so to speak. He has been engaging in bigotry and bluster and bullying. “And I think when it comes to understanding what he would do as president there are serious questions that have been raised in this campaign. Should he be the nominee we’ll have to address them.”

Asked if she believes Trump really is a bully, Clinton replied: “Well, I think his behaviour certainly qualifies for that. I think his incitement of violence, his constant urging on of his supporters in large numbers to go after protesters, his saying I want to punch people in the face and telling somebody who did punch somebody I will pay your legal bills, i think that raises very serious questions.”

She recounted some of Trumps’ comments from the past few months, ranging from “calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, saying John McCain was not a war hero, being reluctant to denounce the Ku Klux Klan and David Duke. And the list goes on.”

Source: CNN/UK Guardian


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